Self-Care, Health & Wellness | Virtual Conference

You. How often as a woman have you put yourself first? Women are working harder burning out in ways never imagined. Self-care, health, and wellness are some of the most critical aspects of our lives and we are failing ourselves. However, we believe in empowerment and we believe in you.

This two-day virtual conference provides you the time and ability to focus inward, on your physical, mental, and emotional self. The programs and sessions are designed to bring positive awareness to help you understand the concepts and importance of self-care, mental health, wellness, nutrition, physical wellness, and relationships. Step away from monotonous zoom calls and allow yourself to embrace renowned motivational speakers, coaches, trainers, therapists, and psychologists who address issues like work-life integration, courageous challenges, the power of vulnerability, celebration of life while coping with guilt or loss, and the resources to renew and revive the life you deserve to live.

The conference will begin on April 29th at 8 am - 4 pm ET. On April 30th, sessions will begin at 9am ET.


Check in often, more speakers to be added.

Jasmine Banks

Ceasar Fernando Barajas

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D.

Alexandra Carter

Dr. Shirley Davis

Kara Goldin

Kim Hagenbuch

Alethia M. Jackson

Stuart Lustig

Cordialis Msora-Kasago

Desiree Neal

Dr. Hemalee Patel

Jacalyn Prete

Afaf Qasem

Dr. Michelle Robin

Dr. Sheila Robinson

Julie K. Silver, MD

Susan Stith

Janet Taylor MD, MPH

Erin Tselenchuk

Reena Vokoun

Mary-Frances Winters

Melissa Wojcik


Sign up for 1:1 coaching sessions here. We ask that you sign up for one 1:1 session with only one coach, but feel free to attend as many of the group sessions as you would like.

Bindu Garapaty Psy.D.

Natalie Garay, M.A.

Jessica LaMarre

Stelli Munnis

Guisselle Nuñez

Monica Phillips

Joie Seldon

Christie Smirl

Reena Vokoun

Jackie Belser-Welch, CPCC-CPM

Leisel Whitlock

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